Yesterday done with Disney Traditions. Got back with the bus on to the Hotel. Blog changed with password (is now removed), had a shower and went to dinner with Taka and Carolee, 2 other castmembers staying in the hotel. Had amazing dinner in Red lobster; all you can eat Shrimp (cant see or eat shrimp anymore, auwtch)
I won though (Taka ate 74, I ate 81, with veggies and rice) Carloo made some pictures (she is photographer anboard) so hopefully I have some great pictures..

Wake up 5:58, Facebook, mail, etc.. Around 8.00 to breakfast

Auwch, my legs hurt. Haha. My first Disney USA experience was awesome. Really different than Disneyland Paris. You can not believe the size of Orlando’s Disneyparcs, epcot, animal, magic kingdom, studio’s & downtown Disney. You Will need busses to get from one parc to another. Great time together with Carolee, a Jamaican photographer. She made some great pictures and a lot of noice during the rollercoasters. Haha. Tried to make some pictures of her as well, some were okay, but there is definatly a reason why I’m not a photographer.
Did some incredible rides. Pirates of carribean, Haunted mansion, Explorers route in Asia and Africa, Space mountain, Everest, and many more. Our day started at 9 and at 5 o clock we were dead :p..
Amazing to see so similarities from a professional point of view in Paris & Orlando, but also many differences chased by cultural gaps. Castle in France is more beautifully than USA, but shows and character’s were wonderfully here.
Truly a magic time!

What I learned the last 2 days
Did you know that:

  • ESPN is owned by Disney. As wel as ABC.
  • Both Marvell (spiderman, ironman) and Pixar are a part of Disney.
  • Disney employees have at least 2 important ways to create magical moments.
  • Phineas and Fern are owned by Disney.
  • As well as the television show lost.
  • Walt Disney died before the completion of his Disneyland, called Walt Disneyworld in memory of him…

No matter how much anoying little facts I can summarize (sorry guys you know me), it is a wonderful place, you just have to see.. preferably in company of your girlfriend or family (Disney is where memories begin!)


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