First + second day @ Disney Cruise Line.

First day @ Disney Cruise Line. Pick up from the hotel 4.35 (Woke up 3.45), picked others up and drove to Port Canaveral. From there on out it was hectic. Tours around the ship, instructions & classes like cultural awareness and environmental information.. So much information. Savety classes, filled the whole day.Than went to the gym at 5 and met my amazing Spa team. 21 girls, 1 guy and me as a personal trainer.This week I’m with a manager and next week the other trainer comes aboard. Today everybody suggested to get an early day of sleep, so that’s what I will try to do. This first day was incredible, saw so much, got lost (way to big) People were soo soo nice, everbody smiled and welcomed us to the ship. Got some great pictures!

The downside, no internet so I’ll post this when we get to shore and i get some time off.

Just to make everyone at home jealous, my itinarary:
Saturday: Port Canaveral
Sunday: Seaday
Monday: Seaday
Tuesday: St. Maarten
Wednesday: Tortola
Thursday: Seaday
Friday: Disney’s Castaway cay (Disney’s private Island!! #Yeah you’re reading it correct.)

My days start at 6.15 and end round about 8.30. Disney is really strict with savety and times.

Did you know:
Disney owns it own island? (Yeah, I just told you!)
Disney is the only cruiseline which has permission to use pyro (fireworks) on board the cruiseship in shows?

Day 2 at Disney cruise line.

Met a lot of different people (again), got lost every single time. It still takes me like 20 minutes to find my way to the gym. There are crewparts, corridors and hall ways which lead to very different places.
It is not really handy, how it is build, but I’ll get there (probably in 7,5 months, haha) Disney is really nice to work for. Definatly strong regulations, but to insure everything go’s correctly, there is a lot of fun stuff to do as well (Maybe to this the 3th or 4th week).
Savety training’s, tours, etc. My leader got my out of some of the not important things (like engineroom tour) and I did a lot of work today as well. Today at 21.00 psychology training with Dave (Hays), really good stuff, lot of info. Knows what he’s doing, talking about positive mindset, goals, etc (A lot of NLP I recognized).
First day Training manager explained about the different emotions we might go trough, currently feeling a bit of tention of all the stuff but overall feeling good. Need to find a good proper morning routine (and my way around the ship)..

Normal day: Start at 6.15 (wake up at 5.38), open gym, prepare stuff, than to stretch class at 7.30 to 8, from 8 to 11.45 savety training, than lunch and at 12.30 bootcamp, consultation, at 14.00 another savety training untill 5, another consultation, dinner (photo ID taken), Meet with Dave (Revenue manager).
Tought my first stretchclass this morning and pilates as well, still scared of doing spinning, but we’ll make it!

I also did 3 BCA’s and I was able to reccommend a detox programm (9 months!) Whow, lot of money, doing great on my first day (a), so happy with this! (was an easy sale though, Dave did the seminar)

Tomorrow halloween, lot’s of excitement. Crew party also going on tonight, but I’m not yet going (need to sleep).. I’ll go someday in the next couple of weeks though (Yeah Jason, i will try to do what you told me in the letter ­čśë ) Good night from the middle of the ocean and a rocking (literally and figuratively Disney Magic) By the way, not seasick yet! Yeah!!

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