Going to Orlando, Disney, entertainment capital of the USA.

On a airport.. There are children here with leashes. Looking like wild puppy’s.. Are wearing kind of a harness with a leash on it. When daddy let go of the leash a little the child took a couple of steps, walked away and mum yelled; “Someone needs to get him, he’s getting away”.. Insane..

After being on the plane finally (half hour wait) I am next to the window. I am figuratively in cloud 9 when i discover the massage position in my chair.. And No, normally the economy class doesnt have one. It is being caused by the 5 or 6 year old kid behind me.. This sucks. #5 hours later; kid is still not tired, only 4,5 hours to go. No way to get rest. It is freaking full with kids.. 20/ 30% small annoying ones (3-7 yrs old). Tip of the year, do not fly to Orlando in a holiday, not a succes..


Filled out my immigration form, now just hope that we are allowed to enter the USA (inception, haha).. #Finally arrived, checked into the hotel, bought an adapter, sleep now, am dead, tomorrow wake up at 4.45 ready for Disney Traditions training..


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