Last day @UK

Today is my last day at WMYA. Tomorrow my flight will leave towards Orlando. I am super stoked for Disney Training. 2 days of training and than straight to the ship!

Let’s find out what my itinerary will become. (Bahama’s, carribbean, new york, virigin islands and more!!)

Yesterday the new group came in. We are now officially “upper group”. They are the “lower group” now, yes 😀
Let’s get ready for another day at Steiner Academy (Hair do, deoderant, brushing teeth, parfume, name badge, shave, etc)..

Today a very busy day; practise detox seminar, than embarkation speech. After practicing for 3 weeks and we know everything perfect, the trainer came in and told us that everything had changed. So they changed half the speech, annoying like hell. So I got a new embark speech, 1 day before I leave for my ship.. Nice..

Aw well, focus is on Disney any way, super excited about the subjects of Disney training; Personal survival training, first aid, firefighting, crowd management, and of course Disney Traidtions, the Disney look and their expectations of staff.

I am so happy and will leave the 29th at 4.30 in the AM to my ship!

Appearantly ship internet is very expensive and little time to use it, so I will probably only be using the internet on my day off, just letting you know.

Ciao, Buenos noches, Slaap lekker, lekker slaap (Afrikaans), Good night..

2 thoughts on “Last day @UK”

  1. Are you still working for Steiner as personal trainer? What qualifications do you need, and is this training available in south Africa?

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