Last month (better late than never)

Guys, I know this is really late, but better late than never.
Here is the blog i wrote in my last month, bit emotional, but so be it..

My last 30 days here on the Disney Magic.
Looking forward to going home, will miss this so much.
Al my amazing friends here from all over the world.

I am writing this like this incredible adventure is already over, but we got 2 New York cruises left.
The only bad part is that I only get to Enjoy New York once, because we dock extremely late. This is a major let-down.
But nothing I can do to change it, it just sucks. 1 time New York is at least better than nothing!
Lately my shore visits have been much about internet, getting everything sorted for when I go home.
Trying to get an apartment in Breda, getting my old jobs back, etc.
A load of people are leaving these 3 weeks. Either with me, or just before me. Some cool people are coming back though.
Team is demotivated. Seems very hard to get back out of this. Hopefully everything get’s better when we go to New York.
I am excited to go back home, drive my motorbike, see my friends. The end is getting near, feeling a bit tired.
Almost everyday taking a half hour nap in either my hour lunch or dinner.

My friends are leaving by the dozen. My roommate leaves tomorrow (I got 3 weeks left now), so hopefully I have the cabin to myself (do not think so, but okay).
Need to slowly start cleaning up a bit. Organising all my stuff and seeying if there is stuff I can already pack.

Last cruise:
Have been able to get the later start in New York, got off at 8.00 o clock and met with Andy & Brad from the cruisestaff team, went over to Central Parc, which was amazing.
It is so nice to be in this huge green area surrounded by buidlings but completely shut off of the outside world. After walking for an hour, we went to get Belgium Waffles on 52nd street.
From there on out I went on my own, took a taxi to the Empire Stat Building. The view is Incredible!! Even saw the ship from the 82nd floor. Went down and walked over to Times Square and than took a taxi back to the ship and was even 3 minutes early for the meeting that started at 12.45.
After working 2 seadays, we had Nassau off. Me and a collegea went to swim with the Dolphins! Amazing!! The last thing that I wanted to do on my list is done!!

This last cruise feels so unreal. In the beginning it was amazing, the first couple of days, Carly (who started the same time as me) and i were so excited! We have been counting down since we had 16 weeks left.
Finally it is the last couples of days. This cruise is the cruise of “lasts”. The last drill, the last time I saw the fireworks, the last time I was on Disneys private Island, Etc.
In the beginning the lasts were great, but now, since Castaway I feel so sad about al these lasts…
The hardest question these last couple of days has been from my friends:
Will I ever see you again?… And the truth is I don’t know. I will miss all my friends, who have truly become my family here!
In the beginning, I found it strange that people called; going to their room “going home”, but it is true.
The Disney Magic has been “A home away from home” for me. Something I will miss imensely.

But, everything that has a beginning has an end…

I had the most amazing time!
I can look back on an fantastic experience that I would never want to miss in the world.
I have learned so much. About: working on a cruiseship. Sales & marketing. Fitness. Detox. Working in a big organisation.Tourism & Disney. The human body. America. Management. What I want in life. My body.
But most important, I have improved myself to a level that i would never think was possible.
This job has pushed my further than I ever thought I could go. There were numurous times I wanted to give up. But my friends & family were always there to make me realise what I would give up on.
For everybody that supported my, thank you!

With this positive note I would like to finish this last blog post.
I will see all of you soon, there are still so many stories to be told!

“Take action. Pursuit your dreams with passion, so you can live life abundantly!”

32 thoughts on “Last month (better late than never)”

  1. Hi Daan,

    Thank you for making this blog, I have read everything you have posted, it sounded like an amazing experience. I have an interview for a job as a personal trainer with steiner at the end of the month in Cork, Ireland. I would be greatful if you could answer a few questions. In the interview I have to teach a circuit sesion with four stations, did you also have to do this for the interview and is there any key areas they are looking at. I have made out a plan for the circuit so i think it should be ok (I hope). Also with regards to ship life, I think one thing I would find difficult would be the food as I am slightly obsessed with nutrition and I mostly eat vegan. Are fruit and vegetables served at every meal time?
    Lastly, did you save any money from working your first contract?

    I’d appreciate any advice.

    Kindest Regards,


  2. Hey Christine,

    Sure I could answer your questions.
    I did not have to do a circuit. It depends how many applicants they have and where you do the interview.
    The aereas where they will be looking at will mostly be your presentation skills, that you can do the training and have a good personality. As long as you can do the training, it does not have to be top notch quality (if you can, perfect though).
    You should be fine, if you want i can look it over if you post it under my comment.

    Food should be okay. It will not be fresh, but it is available, it is mostly buffetstyle. So everything will be available. Not as good a quality as the guests though..

    Cheers, Daan

  3. Hi Daan!
    Thanks for your blog, I’ve read it through and through. the case is that i last week had an interview for the position of fitness instructor-waiting for the reply πŸ™‚ little bit worry-did i pass or not.
    wanted to ask you couple of questions:
    1) could you please tell a little about training in London. was it hard? how many lessons and what kind of did you have each day? you’ve said that some people left after first 2-3 days. why? was it because intensive trainings or they just made up their minds? because i’m a little bit worry will i be able to “stay alive” having 2-3 trainings a day (at the first time. later body will adapt of coarse)
    2) are you planning to make another contract as fitness instructor? πŸ™‚ and continue your blog?

    Thanks in advance,
    best regards,

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Good luck with the wait!

      1. Most of your time in Training in London was about the learning of seminars and public speaking. You will be graded. Gold is the best (got gold on my 3th seminar), second week is more workouts, you will do this usually on the weekends (around day 6). The spinning class and bootcamp were most intense. Yoga and Pilates depends on your flexibility. Don’t worry about the workouts, focus on public speaking and sales!

      2. No, will not do another contract πŸ™‚ So the blog will not be continued. I will probably expand the Trainer selection.

      Cheers, Daan

        1. You will be talking about nutrition and Detox mostly.. Exercise is not part of seminars, people can book in with you for Personal Training..

  4. Hi Daan,

    Great work!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

    One thing I can’t seem to find anywhere is about the training in London. I am really interested about the training.

    Do you get certificates to qualify you for spin/pilates/yoga after? Did you know these beforehand? If you didn’t, do you feel 100% confident in your training to teach this now that your contract is over?

    Also, did many people break the contract? I’ve read a crazy number of blogs about how horrible it was. This doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that I read that you have to pay Steiner to find a replacement for you? Do you know if others had to pay for any additional expenses or just a flight home? Not sure if you would know that, but if you do! πŸ™‚

    How exciting though! Good work for following through πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Shel,

      Info about training in London is to be found here:
      Still working on the translation though..

      I hardly knew anything about yoga, pilates or spinning. You get thaught that at training. Yeah, i can do all those, feel confident in those, but you do not get thaught how to create a training, they just show you how to do 2 or 3 sessions.

      About 50% of the people quit within the first month. A lot of people quit indeed..
      No, you don’t have to pay steiner for your replacement. But Steiner will keep the last 6 weeks of your and you will have to pay for your flight home..
      Some people got out of it because of injuries. But most do not, Steiner is pretty strict with those things..


      1. Thanks Daan! I saw the blog, but I couldn’t read it haha.
        I am actually looking forward to being put through rigorous training! It sounds like you learn a whole lot in 3 weeks! Did you receive any certificates for the training? If you continued working as a personal trainer, can you show you did training in yoga, pilates, spin etc?
        I did read that there is a 4-6 week delay to receive commission… so they just don’t pay anything outstanding to you if you break your contract? Would I be correct in saying once they have deposited into your bank account, it’s your… however if you break contract it’s a matter of the contract just being terminated wherever you are, nothing is paid to you and up to you to find your way home?
        Do you mean Steiner is strict with what happens when breaking your contract? Or they are strict by not letting you leave? I really think it will be a great experience, however if I completely dislike it, I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the ocean for the rest of it…

        1. Hi Shel,

          Training was great, very intense but indeed, you will learn a lot! You will receive a yoga and pilates certificate, but only for floorwork if I am correct. For all other things you will not receive certificates. You are right, it is 6 weeks. So in the 6th week that you are working you will receive your first weeks pay. So 6 weeks after you left the ship you will receive your last payment.
          And yes, if they transferred the money it is yours, but be aware of the 6 weeks delay. You are right, if you quit you will have to pay for your flight home where ever you are, you do not get payed the last 6 weeks and Steiner will not hire you again.
          You can leave if you want as long as you are okay with the consequences.


          1. Thanks for the prompt responses and your info – thanks for also creating this website πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Daan,

    I was successful with my interview and got the job with steiner. I am suppose to be starting training in July. But my problem is my college graduation is the end of August and I will not receive my fitness certificate until the graduation. I don’t want to wait around this long before I can start. I know I can get an official letter from the University stating that I am qualified and I also already have yoga certs. But I am worried I can not start until I have the certificate. Did you know anyone else who may have had a similar issue?

    Thank you for all the help.

    1. Hi Christine, if you really want to go, just call Steiner, or email them, they are usually willing to accept temporary certificates. Just make sure someone can email them the real PT diploma’s. You will not need a yoga certificate, Steiner will train you in that. They should also have said something during the interview, have you contacted your interviewer already?

  6. I’m currently
    Waiting to go to training in Australia,
    I have a few questions

    1. How much did you make in total when your contract was over?
    2. How did you deal with the times when you were missing home?
    3. Could you still keep your own training up?

    How would your rate the whole trip including work, fun and down times out of 10.
    Could you please email me the response.

    1. Hi Justin,

      1. Not a lot, spend a lot on fun things like jetskiying, etc.
      2. Called my friends and family sometimes and just think about the good
      things in life (friends on the ship and travel)
      3. Yeah you can, i did not the first 2 weeks, but after the first month i
      worked out about 5 times a week. Work on the ship from 6 untill 8 and than
      workout at 10.

      Whole trip was 8 out of 10

  7. Great questions! Am really interested in how much you did actually make on board, even an average weekly amount… one thing I forgot to ask because I keep finding opposing info! Did you have enough time to skype family/friends? And how much of the world did you really get to see – out of the whole 9 months, were you able to get off during port enough to say the experience was well worth it? (Sorry to but in on your question Justin!)

    1. Hi Shel again πŸ˜‰

      i thought i had enough time to skype..
      At least once a week for a couple of hours. But you alot more time if you want too.. Nobody is preventing you from waking up earlier…
      Saw a lot during 9 months.. Got of in every port at least a couple of times and usually had a whole or half day there.

      I would recommend everybody that know’s what the job is about to do it. It is like running a marathon. There will be very difficult times where you want to give up, but when you finish your contract you can look back on a amazing journey that not a lot of other people went trough. You will also make friends for life and see some amazing places!

      1. Haha… yep, me again. I know what you are saying and thanks for all your responses…
        Are you able to say on average how much you made a week? – maybe the minimum you earned and the maximum?.. I know it’s a bit of a personal question… and I know it varies… but they do say you make approx. $800 – $1000 p/w… I have a mortgage at home so am taking a bit of a gamble doing this… but I’m sure everything will work out… it always does πŸ™‚

        1. Average for me about a 1000 usd a month, I think. You can make 800-1000 a week, but you have to be really good in sales. As you might know by now, I did not particularly like the sales part and the way we had to do it..

  8. Sweet man, so it’s more for the experience that’s good to know
    Also man how hard was training did you ever think you wouldn’t get in, like does it work on a pass fail basis or once you go your pretty much in?

    Just trying to decide if it will be worth the money and effort to go through with it but I am extremely keen, and how much roughly did you start with before you left just for any extra costs?

    1. You get in pretty much, if you are willing to put in the effort, It is not easy, but Steiner will just make you work harder.. Steiner hardly fires anyone during training.. People quit.

      What do you mean with extra costs?

  9. Hi great blog read it all, sounds like its was a great experience, i have a few questions.
    1. about the sales you said you didn’t really like it and how it was done, what exactly was it you didn’t like and how is it done?
    2. if you weren’t really selling where did you earn your money do you get commission for the classes.
    3. You said you did manage to get your own training in, but did you not struggle with the lack of sleep and having to do classes all day?
    4. Also what cardio level would you recommend having before doing pt on cruise ship as i have really been a weight guy for most of my training and only really just started to work on my cardio?

    Thanks in advance

    1. 1. You should actually experience this for yourself. There are many ways of selling things, some are more tricky than others, but you will see / hear stories. I at least never felt I pressured someone into buying something that they did not want. You have to decide your own line.
      2. Nope, on Disney you will not get commission for your classes (on most other cruiselines you do).
      3. 6 hours of sleep on average is enough, your body will adjust πŸ˜‰
      4. Do a couple of spin classes before, start running. Would recommend at least being able to run a 5 k, and do a proper spin class. You will get a proper spinclass at Steiner. But there are no real minimum requierments.. So don’t fuss too much.

      5 (question in email; how is the food) The food on the ship is buffet style. It switches every meal. It is very international. But there usually will be some form of cereal, small selection of fruits (oranges, bananna’s and apples, etc). For lunch usually something hot and bread options (also saladbar). In the evening almost the same as lunch, there is almost always chicken, rice, sometimes potatoes, and specialties. Also every once in a while you will get treated to special menu’s, for example when you hit certain ship targets, etc.

      6 (question in email can you use the ships facilities on days off): yes you can mostly. Depending on your rank on the ship, if you are an officer you should be allowed to use almost anything (usually except from buffets), it depends per ship..

  10. Great blog Dean ! Mother of a son who is in training with Steiner ! Sure does sound like a wonderful journey ! Thanks for your words ! Canadian Mother !

    1. You are most welcome Giselle, If your son needs any help, he can always email me through the contact form. Everybody has some bad days during cruise ship work.

  11. Great blog. Thank u for sharing with us.
    I just want to know did u have experience in fitness before u went?
    And what they teach in training camp?

    1. Hi Milena,

      Yeah, I was a normal fitness instructor for 3 years, and just got my PT certificate 5 months before.
      They teach many things at training camp; how to give seminars, do tests, cycling, yoga, pilates, bootcamp and more.


  12. Hi there!

    I have been looking at applying for the ships to work as a PT but I’m not really a salesman kind of guy… Do Steiner pressure you into hitting targets? $1,000 a month doesn’t seem like much considering the amount of work you were doing and if you don’t sell much I assume you get even less?

    Is Steiner the only way to get on the big ships like Royal Caribbean? Or can you go directly to them and apply? I assume doing this would take out the salesman side of things as it is Steiner’s products and not actually Royal Caribbean’s?… If I am wrong please correct me!

    Any help would be really appreciated!!



    1. Depends on the manager you have, and your perception..
      Yes, you will get a percentage of everything you sell, and Steiner will make up the difference if it is to little.
      Yes Steiner is the only way to work on bigger ships like Royal. You can apply, but not as PT/

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