Month 2..

Month 2, no idea which week it is anymore..

Since the last couple of weeks the ship is been beautifully decorated with christmas decorations.
From november there are christmas tunes, a huge christmastree in the middle of the ship, a tree on Disney’s private island, and of course, Santa Goofy 😉 It is awesome! The experience here is amazing, I can not tell this enough.

This week we had a talk from the captain & cruise director about all the prizes Disney Cruiseline had won the last 2 months. Our friendlyness rating was above 87 (or something) percent.Suddenly the characters came up to do a dance! (Check out the video on my Facebook, it is incredible!) You simply can not imagine how big Disney is as a company. I will try to find the corporate umbrella one time and post this as well..

We had to pick up supply’s from 2 other ships so went out on ST Maarten, and were really happy that we were Disney! Saw on one ship a weird looking dolfin character, on another ship 2 pirates with messed up shoes were you could see the flip flops under, and the last ship had to sailor girl were the guest could take photo’s with. As soon as we got back on Disney; Mickey, Goofy, Daisy & Donald were there to greet us! Way better than all the other ship. Disney entertainment rules (A)!!

Today off in ST Thomas – US Virgin Islands. Beautifull island, like all the others. Finally able to dock, instead of tendering (small boats bringing people from the ship to shore)! Went to Hooters (Nice experience ;)) for internet and breakfast / lunch. After Hooters, went shopping to buy stuff for secret Santa.. Everybody in Spa department gets a name to buy a 100 dollars worth of stuff for (based on Santa wish list). So bought perfume, shirt & chocolat for mine 😉 Than the best thing, the captain invited me to the Bridge to watch the sail away. Most impressive thing of the whole week. So coordinated, interessting and invaluable experience. From the 1000 crew anboard about 10 to 15 people get to see the bridge per year.. To bad, no photo’s of the bridge, but some ones while we’re leaving port.

23-12; Naughty & nice party for crew only was amazing Next 2 cruises I will spend christmas here.. I wish you the best & love you all!

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