Month 3 & 4

Currently half way trough January, feeling okay today. Was sick this whole week. Luckily, this is the week my new fitness-buddy is coming on too, so she’s in training this week. Have to do all the classes, spinning (4x) bootcamp (5x) Yoga (1x) Pilates (1x) Stretch + abs (11x).
Almost done though. Just 1 day left. Tried to get rest, have not been out for the last month. Loads of people are leaving the next 2 weeks. Last week 2 spa staff left, this week 3 will leave… It is sad.. When you are on a ship this small / big, you will really get to know people, love the characters, mainstage, Youth activity people, housekeeping & beverage servers. Everybody is doing amazing. There is a load of stuff which can be much better, I will tell you all when I get home, but there are some things which are truly fantastic.
Just calculated it, still 20 cruises to go after this one. I’m still learning, this environment & the motivation I got from some of the trainers is helping me to read up on a lot of things. Almost half way trough my contract. Tomorrow Castaway cay!

Visited the Epic last week! This ship is truly Epic. Stunningly beautiful interior, art, restaurants, etc.
Great to be able to get a tour there. Met the fitness shortly, saw Amy (college that I’ve trained with in Londen) in ST Maarten. After the Epic, went to bar with julia, got some nice food, and ofcourse internet. Than beach. That’s basicly the story of every port. Internet, food & beach, sometimes complimented with shopping.

Also forgot to mention that I got to sound the Mickey horn a couple of cruises ago! Was on the bridge, and the mickey horn is the sound (Wish apon a star) that Disney cruise line does when they leave port. (Instead of the boring; whooooootttt)

#Month 4 by now..
Having a great time. Realizing that money is not important after 20 years and this is a experience that I will never have again, I will make the best of it. Having everything here that I want… A home, work, nice people, amazing places, what more do you want. Don’t even know what happened the last couple of weeks.
Had a meeting with the office. Revenue manager is coming onboard this week, a great thing, always motivating.

Learning still about sales, got some great books. Actually developing a lot as a person. Read here about 4 hours per week, next to the almost 70 hours that I work… We are since 2 weeks on high GI, which means that everything has to be sanitized. Also got a gift from the captain; buffet in restaurant topsider for entire crew because, Disney cruiseships became the number one ships in the world.

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