Month 5 (i think)

Finally another blog post…. Currently 3 months to go (no idea which week this is), done 5 months!! More than half way. Is kind of nice. Here nothing is the same, but somehow each week is the same. Saturday; embarkation day, talking the same (by now boring) riddle to each guest; bootcamp, seminars, bca… next group…
Than the weekly drill (every-time the same practise for guest) telling each guest to go down to deck 4 and have their roomcard ready.. Than a whole week (average 65-70 hours) of trying to recommend to guest and trying to get guests in. Our manager talking each morning about what we are lacking in revenue, telling who’s on the right way and who’s not. Luckily missing a lot of those meetings cause of doing stretch classes every 2 days. Than the day off.. Finally some internet & lunch, each and every day off. Taking every possibility to get away from crewfood. Back to work after a day that felt it happened last week already. Time change, 1 hour less sleep because of the travelling into time-zones. Thursday sea day which can sometimes be good, sometimes just a lot of work & no money. By that morning looking forward to friday.
Which is Yoga on the beach & the rest of the day cleaning & preparing for next cruise. Than meeting, which is to late after 14 hours of work & than a meeting at 9 in the evening.. But it doesn’t matter anymore.
The cruise is done, next day, new people, new cruise, new chances.

So that’s my life… Sounds horrendous doesn’t it?

Well actually my life is amazing. If you think emotional (instead of rational) you think about some incredible people that you meet. There are some many, sweet, beautiful & kind people here. As soon as you take a moment to take in where you are, you realize that being in the Caribbean something is that you will never repeat again. Also, the small moments in life can make you incredibly happy. Like creating a magic moment for the guest. Or just a simple chat about where people come from & what they do. Or the fact that every Friday we get to go to Disney private Island, do yoga & chill on the beach for lunch. There is bbq, volleyball, kayaks & a beautiful beach. The moment that you’ll realize that in 20 years you’ll look back and know exactly where you was during those 8 months. But will you still know how much money you’ve made?
No, this is a magical experience, to work for the greatest entertainment company in the world, in a 6 star spa. Amazing people, who will give you the opportunity to learn so many great things.

Astonishing insights in people, the body, marketing & sales. This information can all be used outside the company and will enrich my life and myself as a person. Every 2 months I make a self-improvement plan (part of this months plan is to post a blog post again). For the 3 months i’ve bought a study book every 3 weeks. Reading 100 pages of self-development, at least 3 pages of industry information every week. I’m doing better than ever before in my life!

The body is an incredible machine under the right circumstances. Like being satisfied & having goals to achieve. Those are two important characteristics to lasting happiness I found out together with a student of psychology. I read here more than I ever have done in the last 5 years. I work out more than when I did my intern-ship with the marine corps. I work more hours than I ever spend on one single job / school. I feel energy, enthusiasm & happiness.

I think that is enough of psychological insights in my for the last couple of months for today!
Still got 3 months to go.. Looking forward to some things at home 🙂
Any questions, feel free to ask!! Enjoy your day in NL 😀

8 thoughts on “Month 5 (i think)”

  1. Hoi Daan, Weer een mooie review van de afgelopen periode.
    Met statements on quality of life kan ik het alleen maar eens zijn.
    Het salaris dat je verdient is niet belangrijk (wel handig). Het zijn vooral de ervaringen die je opdoet en de mensen die je ontmoet, waardoor het salaris een stuk minder belangrijk is. Veel plezier nog de laatste paar maanden aan boord.



        1. Hey man. There are about 6 different seminars, for example; secrets to a flatter stomach, or detox for health and weightloss. Seminars are about 1 hour. There are 2 seminars that are a bit shorter. They are all based on the science of detox, exercise and nutrition. I don’t have any examples typed out. They are all in the manual that you get at Steiner. All you need to do is learn them by hart and repeat them back in the proper way. When you are on the ship you can change it to, whatever you think works, but these seminars are proven to work the best. Answer okay?

  2. Hello Dean, its been interesting reading your blog. I have always wanted to work at sea but there is so much bad stuff about how you get treated and the long hours with little financial reward. I would like to know if its not too personal what is a realistic salary on the ship. Thank u

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