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Here is a short note before I go to bed.. I heared yesterday that internet on the cruise is 25 euro per hour.. Which Sucks! So probs little Facebook on cruise. Everything is going fine. Tomorrow starting at 3 days of Yoga, pilates and Spinning. Intense..
Yeah, got a gold minus on one of my presentations. It was the highes of the entire class. Feeling great although i slept 5 hours yesterdag. Am looking nervous to actual doing sports. Havent workedout since my intership 6 months ago.. Week 1 is finished, It goes extremely fast!

Heard rumors about snow? How is life in Netherlands guys?


Yesterday spinning. Finished at 17.00 in the evening. Tried from 18.00 to 2.30 to learn about songs, beats, bridges, choruses, verse, instrumental, etc. I failed.. Spinning sucks. Felt so shit. After 4 hours of sleep had to take an exam about detox products. Did not prepare a lot.. Hope for a sufficient mark. (Which is 70% right, otherwise you get a performance counceling..) Wanted to quit this so badly yesterday, felt like giving up, thinking, why the hell am i doing this..
Went to bed tired as hell after making exam and 6 hours of learning for the body composition anaylses, felt a little better.

I just use the spinning CD that my college Marius made, it went okay. Feeling a bit better, tomorrow exam about body composition anaylses and environmental awareness. Learning now and hoping for 6 hours sleep tonight..

I miss my normal life, which seems very quiet and relaxed right now..

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