Month 6 (2 to go, yeah!)

Might be time to write another blog post.
Feeling quiet good tonight. Got to see the Fantasy today, went aboard and saw my old Fitnessbuddy Becci and was amazed by how beautiful the ship was.Brand new, so many amazing things, while we could only stay for 1 hour. Than stopped at MC Donalds to eat away our crappy feelings of going back “home” to the magic.
But as soon as I stepped onboard, I realised how many amazing people I have met here, how incredible my life actually is and how grateful I should be about the things that go right. Although there are so many things in life there could be different, currently, it is going well. After a whole day of doing embark speeches, happy to be finally done with work, and after a quick dinner went for a run on the track & some core exercises. During my run I saw Sorcerer Mickey, got a big hug before he went into a show.
Now probably going to the hypnotist for crew… But quickly writing the first part of this blog (30-03)..

Was happy this evening also, got a big package from my mum, and what was in it… Another package, and in that was soup & another package, in that was Toblerone & another package, & in that was the last package which contained a Sinterklaas Spek Letter. How cool is that… When you are now reading this and you are not from Holland you do not know what this means.. You also don’t know what proper chocolate is until you had it from Europe, also don’t know what een Frikandel or a Kroket is (Which I am having as soon as a get to Schiphol), but it doesn’t matter when you don’t know what you miss…
But when you do know what you missing it is so much worse.. There are small things which make you want to change shiplife.. The drugsdogs in Port Canaveral (Why do we not allow animals aboard?) The sound of a motorbike driving by.. The fact that you have to wait to get internet, because you are only able to steel, free unprotected WiFi from restaurants. (Because when you see your weekly bill from the ship’s internet, you are thinking why am I doing this.) The fact that the first page you open online is Facebook to check-up with your friends, realizing that your internet is, either not fast enough to share photo’s or even put in a location, the fact that you don’t have enough time to post a reaction, hence the reason why you like almost every post in the last 3 hours, or the fact that some story’s are just so crazy that you think, I have my own stuff to worry about and you don’t even bother any more, because you don’t need another reason to be distracted or tired…..

But than the small things in life have such an amazing impact, that even though not everything is perfect, you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

And with this positive note I think it is time to end this blog post & go call some people & see the hypnotist.

p.s. the Hypnotist was incredible!!!
I will see everybody @ home in 11 weeks!

2 thoughts on “Month 6 (2 to go, yeah!)”

  1. Weer een leuk verhaal. Ik moet toegeven dat het vooral de kleine dingen zijn die het leven nog leuker maken. Geniet er nog flink van. Hier in Thailand kunnen we trouwens wel kroketten en bitterballen krijgen, maar ik mis vooral zoute drop.
    Ben nu in Kuala Lumpur tijdens een tussenstop onderweg naar Jakarta om daar twee dagen een training te geven. Dus woensdag weer terug naar Thailand en dan de week daarop drie dagen naar Manila in de Filipijnen. Kortom nog steeds veel onderweg. Waarschijnlijk eind mei een paar dagen naar Nederland, mag ook wel weer eens (laatste keer was November). Doe iedereen aan boord de groeten en tot ziens/horens.



  2. Gaaf man, dik avontuur daarzo!! Ik kan wel ff vragen of ma een pak kroketten mee kan sturen, of je kan de kok misschien omkopen?
    Als jij ‘le croquette’ introduceert op het schip ga je knaken vangen! En voor deze keer zal ik toegang tot mijn denktank vrijblijvend aanbieden..

    Goed om weer wat van je te lezen, ook leuk om je weer eens gezien te hebben via skijp!

    Ga in vrede

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