Status update

Here a short update on everything..

Tonight; made yoga lesson plan, explaining about yoga. Going trough pilates exercises, trying to practise spinnning and somehow making time praticse 1,5 hours of seminars. Very busy.

So far i like it. It is exetremely busy, it is very much work and spinning and pilates I sucked at..
Spinning is bad and still need to take exam, so feeling bad about that.
Felt aweful thursday and friday, wondering why the hell i was here. Feeling a bit better today though. Today Yoga, another groupclass (which i suck at).

So far; I am okay, i just hope i make it trough the groupclasses. If that works i think i can make it trough training. next Friday will the results be in and than waiting for my cruiseship!
I will let you know which one it will be, still dont know..

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