Tired, but looking good..

Woke up at half past 5, went downstairs to study, breakfast at 7..

Not very nice, but better than nothing.. I amactually eating quite healthy here (haha, my mum will not believe this), but on day 2 we got this one dropped at us “everyhing you do and eat should be healthy, how can you tell people to eat right when you are eating shit”. So I am drinking Spiringula algea, because red bull and soda’s are bad.
Hope I can keep this up.

I did a seminar this morning and got a silver +, Super happy!! Highest in the class and makes up for a lot of sleep I missed! Four others of the “upper group” got their ships, am excited to see what it will be like in three weeks. Some people here are waiting for 7 weeks to get their ships. They are waiting until their reserved spot on the ship becomes available.

I am sorry for my Dutch and grammar mistakes once in a while, it is hard to switch back to Dutch.. There is one Dutch girl here in the upper group. Tonight practise untill 12 at night; seminar, embarkation speech and consultations.

Enjoy the Dutch wheater, I will keep you updated.

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