Week 1

Day 3…

Hectic, a lot of stuff to do again. But at the end of this day I think I know where I am.. Able to locate the three most important area’s; Crew mess, room, workplace (gym).
4th one is supposed to be th crew bar, but i will look for this one in my second / thirth week. Done Body sculpt bootcamp with Dave today (he tought it), made a lot of money and everybody was really happy.
This is all going on my account because Dave is the revenue manager and I am still the only fitness (next week there will be a new experienced girl). So today I did 2 BCA’s no sales today on the BCA, but I am able to call 1 of the guests back to try to get a second appointment!
And got my first 2 tips (yeah, they were happy with my help) It felt really good and and I was honestly there for their benefit, and I think the noticed this as well. Also 3 people (out of 5) came back for my wake up and stretch class, which was nice as well, as this proved to my that my classes do not really suck that much.. At 8 Bodysculpt bootcamp for the spa girls, to let them tell about what we offer. Than hopefully at 9, go to sleep early.

#Turned out to be 21.00 when we finished with training, than a guest wanted more information. (took 35 minutes..) Than talked to a spa girl, shower and watched 30 minutes of fast and furious 5 with roommate and going to sleep at 23.15

Day unknown, week 1..

Yesterday was my day off, whoew! I basically had like 4 hours off…. :S Still had to day savety trainings and wanted to talk with revenue manager. Not cool, but what can you do… Only a couple of days of training and then I can work normal.

Today a lot of BCA’s (consultations) from bootcamp. Gave my first bootcamp lesson 3. Liferaft training after BCA and lunch. First BCA, no luck.. Second BCA, bingo!, Thirth Bingo, 4th no luck again..
So 50% score.. Should go up the next couple of week I hope/guess/know. My target is 7000 a week (so pretty big), but the managers are saying it is do-able. Lets see.. Tomorrow thursday a sea day again, but training from half past 9 up untill 5.30 (not nice) First spinning class tomorrow as well.. Excited and scared at the same time. We’ll make it though!

On friday we did our wet-drill (personal survival), after that we had lunch (BBQ!!!) on the crew beach, because we where at Disney private island. Castaway Key, it was amazing. After that we had to get back to the ship. Everybody was (ofcourse) on the island, so the gym was very quiet.. Worked on my body sculpt bootcamp promotion. Going to talk with revenue manager about the next couple of weeks. Because next week my new collegae will arrive, a girl who comes from another ship and is experienced. Dave said goodbye tonight, big party for people who are leaving. Going to sleep though. I’ll party next week.
#Edit: no sleep – Party.. Showered, went to crew bar and had some fun, finally in normal clothes, just relaxing, releasing the energy. Had two cokes, and only stayed 1.5 hours, enjoyed myself and getting to sleep, because tomorrow; crew immigrations at 5.30 @somewhere.. (have to find out)

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