Week 2

Week 2: Officially done with training onboard, finally able to remove the tag “earning my ears”, which means your new to disney..
Today was embarkation day. 2800 new passengers aboard. morning off untill 11.30. Bought new white shoes (need white shoes, with no color.. very hard to find), food (cereal bars, lemonade powder, raisins) and went on internet to post last update. 
Than full into embark speeches. Focus was on Body Sculpt Bootcamp… Wow, within first hour, fully booked! Revenue manager going to be pleased! We have now 2 bootcamp classes a day (my body is going to die haha), because new (experienced) fitnessinstructor has to do safety training as well. So I have to do 85% of everything. In the afternoon; new products came in, 9 pallets full of boxex.. Also met new fitnessinstructor
It is now 21.40 and everybody is still working (I had to stop because i open gym tomorrow at 6.15). Waves are extremely high and powerful. You hear them clashing into the hull from where I sleep (Deck B, just underneath sea level). A lot of guests will be sea sick.. Going to sleep now, embark day over,tired as hell..

Sunday started 6.15, opening gym. Cycling class; start at 8, untill 9. At 9.30 Bootcamp #1, 10.00 Bootcamp #2 untill 10.45, at 11.00 seminar, not much people, didn’t go that well.. Than lunch and at 2.00 second seminar, was a little bit better, but still not much people. Need to work on seminar skills… Pilates @4, 8 people, so pretty good. had dinner, every time almost the same food.. Chicken in teriyaki, chicken in oil, chicken in barbeque saus, chicken with … Every time a little different. Going to sleep now, at 22.30.. Tired.

Monday; day @ Sea, Steph (New Fitness instructor) opened the gym, finally time for breakfast. Second time I had a breakfast in the crewmess in my first 2 weeks! Good day today, got the bootcamp on to the roomcards, so moneywise doing okay today. A lot of work though, and need to change some things for next cruise. Made a improvement list for myself. Hope it helps. Did spinning class and 2 bootcamps after eachother, ab attack class as well and yoga (did not go very well in my experience), than the spa girls asked my whether I could also do bootcamp for them.. Which I did.. So 3 bootcamp sessions today, my endurance going up. When it continues like this I am going to get my 8 pack in no-time, haha. Good night for now, hard to keep my eyes open. Ciao


Sorry guys, dont have the time + energy to keep you updated every single day. But this week I had 2 bootcamp classes of 4 sessions (double sessions on port days), so 13 bootcamp workouts to give per 7 day cruise.. Tiring, than did another for the spa. Next week, going to do circuits for youth activities department. Tuesday was our day of (lost my crew card, needed to make another one), went to the beach @ST Maarten, had a nice lunch and than headed back to the ship to do laundry (was busy). Watcht movie “Real Steel”, had dinner, wednesday was raining in ST Thomas (weird when it is 30 degrees), Wednesday went past pretty quick..
Realized that it is already halfway through my second week.. 6 weeks since I left Holland.. Only 7,5 months to go (seems like a damn long time.).. Today Spa manager announced that she was leaving on saturday to go to another cruiseline, had a wonderfull goodbye dinner in guest restaurant! Was an amazing experience, like my roommate said; “I’ve never been treated like this in any restaurant before”.. Disney is a 5 star ship with 6 star service. Food was so good, we got double deserts (A), coconut straberry icecream & banana creme brulee.. Now almost 23.30 (wanted to sleep @8), so defiantly going to sleep now..

Friday: Did yoga on the beach, had 8 people, to bad it was a little bit windy.. Than had an hour of incentive time, which I spend talking to Julia on the beach in a hammock. Which was really nice.. Friday afternoon was very quiet. Manager spoke to us for the last time. Steiners fitness manager comes on board next cruise. So excited and a bit nervous as well.. Let’s see.

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