Week 3 + 4

Great night yesterday 13th, had a amazing party in de crew bar and a private engineroom party. Was very good, some cruises it is hard for everyone to make their target… You will have good & bad ones. But already another week gone.. first 3 weeks done. Today crew-goodbyes, where you say good bye to the leaving crew in the crewbar, partystyle…


Today embark was okay, hosted the raffle.. went okay. Seminars are fully booked which is nice. About 150 % more people than normal.. bootcamp is horrible.. so little people, last 2 cruises went okay, maybe tomorrow will be better. Sorry, little time to keep blogging, last cruise worked 69,5 hours that week..

This cruise seems okay, already Tuesday when i am writing this, tomorrow is my day off in st thomas, looking forward to it.. it is incredible thinking i am here almost 1 month, time is going so fast..


Did a bootcamp for crew just a couple minutes ago and am relaxing in “the rainforest” right now. Heated chairs, sauna, fountain, listening to relaxing music. This night crew party on deck 5, looking forward to it! Tomorrow day off, just 1 bootcamp at 6.30 in the morning.. me and my will to satisfy guests.. i hate it sometimes.. but well it will be fine.. See you in 7 months and 1 week, it is thanksgiving here BTW..

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