Week 3, 3 days to go before weekend

Failed spinning yesterday and failed products exam. This sucks!!

But somehow the trainer announced that i was in the top 3 of the class, which felt awesome!
Spend 8 hours on spinning that night to learn new cd.. Not feeling good about it, but okay. Had consultation exam today. Looking forward to the results.Did not really feel that it went well, but so waht.. We will see.
Tomorrow Body Sculpt Bootcamp training and learning for a new seminar. Now continueing with learning seminar for today..

7 thoughts on “Week 3, 3 days to go before weekend”

    1. Hi Maddy,

      Saw your email with questions, will answer all of them here:

      I had a few questions and i was hoping you could please answer them for me?
      – Yes, haha

      If you fail some exams on the academy do you get sent home?
      – It depends. If you fail a exam, you can re-do it. If you are doing okay with the rest of the academy, they will probably even let you re-do it a thirdth time, but all exams are made to be do-able, if you study.

      When you get accepted to academy do you pretty much 100% get a job if you have passed all our documents/medicals?
      – No, you will not have a job, untill you finish at the academy an hear what ship you are going to. Steiner Explicitly mentions this.

      what should i study for before i go?
      – If youare going to personal trainer, study (of course) the home work they have send you, know the fitness products by heart. And Read some different books or information on sales. Steiner will teach you about detox, selling it will be up to you.

      Is it a waste of money?
      – Nothing is a waiste of money if you learn something, in my opinion. I do not know how you define it. If you do not quit, it will be one of the most important experiences in your life (the life onboard, the people and doing your job). It is different than anything you will ever experience again. So i’d say, it is worth it, yes.

      Do you make good money on board?
      – Depends how good you are with sales. Check for averages, the cruiseship work questions

      Do you see alot of the world?
      – It depends on your preferences and most of all, the cruiseship on which you are placed.

      Cheers ­čśë

  1. i am going to london to train next week as a PT can you recommend exactly what i will need to know before going any any advice? what was the hardest or toughet part you experienced in london?

    1. Hi Leanne,

      I found the most difficult part the learning of all the seminars and struggled on Spinning. This might be different for you. I know a lot of people were not fond of the public speaking..

  2. Hi dan. I want to be fully prepared for my training in January, would you recommend learning elemis products online before attending the academy ? Also I’m attending spin and yoga classes already would this give me a big advantage ?

    Kind regards


    1. Yes, please learn Elemis detox products, focus on sales and presentation skills. Physical is secondairy.

      Hope this helps (sorry little time atm) Read the FAQ for more info.


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