Week 5

I am currently in Cozumel- Mexico, It is 35 degrees in here, wonderful! Enjoying lunch and internet at a pool bar next to the beach. Last weeks went okay!Really liking the work that I do, the experience and that’s why I am here. Money is not superb, but okay considering the travel possibility’s. I am keeping it short and simple. Everything is okay with me, a lot of work but feeling amazing, really in the right place. The day of once a week, feels truly amazing. You realize what you have and there is just happiness!
Some really amazing and wonderful people here. Some things I miss but most of it you can get on shore on the ship 😉
Had training this morning really motivated to get the retailing up and let’s see the next couple of weeks how this works out. Let me know how things in Holland are, email / comment or write on my facebook wall…

Cheers, enjoy the cold 😉

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