Week 6

Week 5 or 6: Again in st maarten, going to enjoy my day off.. just waiting for crew drill… The weather this cruise is awefull.. rain, storm.. waves reaching 18 foot.. about 8 meters even some waves that spashed the Windows of the gym (deck 9).. there was a blackout and lots! of guests getting sick.. not a good start, but nothing we can do.. Yesterday a woman came in to the gym asking for the scales, she and her husband (overweight) were both holding a big cocktail.. when she weight her self i asked, and are you happy with the results.. she answered “no i dont think anybody is ever happy with their weight” to which my answer was “well, we can change that here in the gym” she looked at my and replied: ” owe no no, i am just looking whether i can have 2 or 3 more drinks…….. Some countries have really stupid people.. #guess which county.. Now Tuesday almost 8 o clock Just went for a HIIT running training on deck 4, weights for 20 minutes and than went to crewmess were (hint for the new guys.. make friends with the messstaff) karen was waiting with a secret supply of yogurt.. and had 3 oranges.. Made up for some of the crap I ate today…
Crew drill went funny this time, not how it normally goes, but we got off the ship by twelve.. Went with the watertaxi to Greenhouse, a relaxed bar where I updated Facebook and than went straight to the beach, saw (finally) Amy, my college from Steiner; she works on the Epic. She went water skiing, I ended up with one of the mainstage / character preformers, talking and having a second lunch, went to the beach and then some shopping. By the time I got back to the ship it was 6 o clock… Worked out, doing laundry and trying to watch the pirate show tonight (with fireworks hopefully)..
#Edit: Fireworks was amazing, Disney is the only cruiseline in the world which can use Pyro (fireworks) during shows, how cool is that !!

Ciao for now…

#Edit: Came back from deck 5, party on the front deck, crew only was really nice..
Fresh air & pineapple juice :), awesome!

Sea day was okay.. Moneywise I can say at least I am making some money, but not a lot. But the experience is amazing, learning a lot, having a great time and really like ship life. “Ship life” is totally different from a normal life. Some points are good, other things are less nice, but the total is definatly positive. It is now friday night already, which means, crew goodbye’s. Saturday is the switch day. Contracts finish & new hires get onboard. Going to bed a little early. This cruise was crazy with all the different things that have happened… I will tell you guys everything when I get back. Learned that my contract finishes the 7th of june.. One week after my birthday. I will probably be able to do the new itinarary for only 1 or 2 weeks 🙁 Still hope I get to get off at New York!!


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