On this website you can find a shitpload of information, but the most valuable source is the honest, unpaid, unsolicited blogs, written by 2 guys with a passion for fitness, travel and health. As you no doubt are here because you are considering working on cruiseships for Steiner or Canyon Ranch, you want to know what you are getting into (or your son or daughter, no you are not the first parent who wants to check up on their kids future employer and work environment).


Blog Daan

Daan is a certified Personal Trainer, and applied in October 2010, and started his training at the Steiner Academy in August 2011 after his graduation. He worked on Disney Cruise Line from September 2011 up to June 2012. He started this website and his blog about cruiseship life can be found here! At the time this blog was just to update his friends and family, but 3 years ago there was very little info on Steiner and working as a Personal Trainer on cruiseships. So after many requests, he build a website and translated, and expanded on his experiences. This website is now a complete source for (aspiring) PT’s on cruiseships or people that work for Steiner.


Blog Joel


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