Last day @UK

Today is my last day at WMYA. Tomorrow my flight will leave towards Orlando. I am super stoked for Disney Training. 2 days of training and than straight to the ship!

Let’s find out what my itinerary will become. (Bahama’s, carribbean, new york, virigin islands and more!!)

Yesterday the new group came in. We are now officially “upper group”. They are the “lower group” now, yes ­čśÇ
Let’s get ready for another day at Steiner Academy (Hair do, deoderant, brushing teeth, parfume, name badge, shave, etc)..

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Status update

Here a short update on everything..

Tonight; made yoga lesson plan, explaining about yoga. Going trough pilates exercises, trying to practise spinnning and somehow making time praticse 1,5 hours of seminars. Very busy.

So far i like it. It is exetremely busy, it is very much work and spinning and pilates I sucked at..
Spinning is bad and still need to take exam, so feeling bad about that.
Felt aweful thursday and friday, wondering why the hell i was here. Feeling a bit better today though. Today Yoga, another groupclass (which i suck at).

So far; I am okay, i just hope i make it trough the groupclasses. If that works i think i can make it trough training. next Friday will the results be in and than waiting for my cruiseship!
I will let you know which one it will be, still dont know..


Short note

Here is a short note before I go to bed.. I heared yesterday that internet on the cruise is 25 euro per hour.. Which Sucks! So probs little Facebook on cruise. Everything is going fine. Tomorrow starting at 3 days of Yoga, pilates and Spinning. Intense..
Yeah, got a gold minus on one of my presentations. It was the highes of the entire class. Feeling great although i slept 5 hours yesterdag. Am looking nervous to actual doing sports. Havent workedout since my intership 6 months ago.. Week 1 is finished, It goes extremely fast!

Heard rumors about snow? How is life in Netherlands guys?


Yesterday spinning. Finished at 17.00 in the evening. Tried from 18.00 to 2.30 to learn about songs, beats, bridges, choruses, verse, instrumental, etc. I failed.. Spinning sucks. Felt so shit. After 4 hours of sleep had to take an exam about detox products. Did not prepare a lot.. Hope for a sufficient mark. (Which is 70% right, otherwise you get a performance counceling..) Wanted to quit this so badly yesterday, felt like giving up, thinking, why the hell am i doing this..
Went to bed tired as hell after making exam and 6 hours of learning for the body composition anaylses, felt a little better.

I just use the spinning CD that my college Marius made, it went okay. Feeling a bit better, tomorrow exam about body composition anaylses and environmental awareness. Learning now and hoping for 6 hours sleep tonight..

I miss my normal life, which seems very quiet and relaxed right now..

Tired, but looking good..

Woke up at half past 5, went downstairs to study, breakfast at 7..

Not very nice, but better than nothing.. I amactually eating quite healthy here (haha, my mum will not believe this), but on day 2 we got this one dropped at us “everyhing you do and eat should be healthy, how can you tell people to eat right when you are eating shit”. So I am drinking Spiringula algea, because red bull and soda’s are bad.
Hope I can keep this up.

I did a seminar this morning and got a silver +, Super happy!! Highest in the class and makes up for a lot of sleep I missed! Four others of the “upper group” got their ships, am excited to see what it will be like in three weeks. Some people here are waiting for 7 weeks to get their ships. They are waiting until their reserved spot on the ship becomes available.

I am sorry for my Dutch and grammar mistakes once in a while, it is hard to switch back to Dutch.. There is one Dutch girl here in the upper group. Tonight practise untill 12 at night; seminar, embarkation speech and consultations.

Enjoy the Dutch wheater, I will keep you updated.

Amazing hell…

Wow, it is so much work.. 2 days went by, 2 people already left… Nervous breadowns.. Jullie willen het niet weten. Zoveel informatie die je letterlijk uit je hoofd moet leren. Afgelopen dagen 5 uur geslapen.. Zo moe nu, maar hoop dat seminar een beetje in mn hoofd zit, vandaag examen over producten en anatomie en 3 kwartier seminar presenteren.. Hadden we gisteren nacht voor om voor te bereiden vanaf 8 uur s avonds. Dus tot 2 uur bezig geweest.. Vanochtend ging wekker om 6.15, verder leren. Maar het is een intense ervaring en erg leerzaam, dus hoe zwaar het ook is, blijven doorgaan en niet nadenken… Net een half uurtje gegeten nu presentatie oefenen. 16 pagina’s moesten we vandaag kennen en presenteren, morgen zonder que cards, voelde me echt ziek vanochtend, hoofdpijn, misselijk en warm.. Hopelijk snel over want de tweede week is “extremely intense physical training”, pilates, yoga, 12 uur spinning.. Iedereen is zo gestresst en leert super hard! Was geweldig om vandaag een beschrijving te horen van cruise waar iemand van de upperclass heen ging (groep voor ons).. Dus even knallen komende tijd! 3 dagen om, 3 mensen gestopt.. Alles gaat op “cruise” tijd, dat is als normale tijd, maar dan een paar minuten sneller.. Nu dus snel weer verder… “cruise” tijd; leren

First day..

Veilig in Londen aangekomen, de eurostar kan in tegenstelling tot de NS wel op tijd aankomen.

Komende 3 weken verblijf ik in het WMCY (Jaja, je leest het goed ;)) In Whatfort, half uurtje van Londen af.

Vandaag om 06.10 verzamelen beneden, 7 uur ‘s ochtend op het trainingscentrum.

Veel informatie, erg motiverend! Verwacht veel te leren, wel extreem veel. Komende 3 weken extreem veel leren en ook sporten!

Hebben ongeveer 400 pagina’s aan informatie wat we door moeten nemen..

Morgen de grote test van alle producten, anatomie en binnenkort nog environmental awereness.

Nu even snel op internet (verbinding is erg slecht).. Probeer sowieso wel elke week een update te sturen..

Trainen, leren, trainen, leren en nog meer trainen en leren..

Vandaag les Yoga gedaan, vrijdag weer Yoga en zondag pilates.. Al 2 dagen lang minimaal 3 uur per dag aan het besteden aan het leren van seminars, informatie over detoxen en voeding.. Ik mis school :O Dat was makkelijker (A).. De tijd begint te dringen, moet nog veel dingen leren…Kijken of ik morgen nog wat boeken kan vinden / downloaden over trainingsvormen. ┬áNu nog verder met seminar over voeding, morgen producten.