What does a Personal Trainer Really do on board?

For the first time ever! A true explaination of what it means to be a personal trainer on cruiseships.

I wanted to call this post; how to be the best personal trainer on cruise ships, but unfortunatly, that either wouldn’t be true or not helpful. Because what most people do not realize is that if you work on cruiseships, you are not a personal trainer. You are a sales person.

Let me explain. 80% of a Personal Trainer’s salary comes from selling products. A PT makes 9% over all services in commision. So with a average price of $80USD and 5 to 10 sessions a week, a personal Trainer who only does PT sessions makes no money. This is where the detox comes in.

Elemis Detox

The image above displays the 4 bottles of the Elemis 3 month internal detox. Cal-Metab Capsules, Deep Drainage CapsulesSilhouette Capsules and Elemis Vitality Capsules.

Read more about detox sold on the ship via Google.

Selling 1 three month programe is roughly $300USD, that’s more interesting for PT’s. There are also 6, 9 and 12 month programs (9% over 1200USD, nice!).

And now, you might think, yeah, but these people spend there time doing Personal Training sessions. Well before every personal trainer starts there is a training academy that they need to pass. If you’ve read my blog you know what get’s taught at the academy… If you didn’t; at the academy they teach you how to do seminars. Seminars with titles;

  • – Detox for Health and Weightloss
  • – Burn Fat Fast
  • – Secrets to a flatter stomach
  • – Eat more to Weigh less
  • – How to increase your metabolism

In those seminars, cruise ship passengers get info about nutrition, exercise and most important detox. The Triangle. Everything the personal trainer tells you is aimed to get you into 1 of these seminars. Because they all end in the same thing.

A BCA. A Body Composition Analyses. This will tell you how much water you (as a future detoxer) retain. The intercellular level of water is the most important. Because this shows how much water is surrounding your cells that needs to be dissolved by detoxing.

The Personal Trainer will invite you to do your BCA for only (roughly) 30USD which will take 45 minutes and you will learn how long you need to detox / how much detox you need to buy.

Rough daily divide of time:

20% seminars

30% – 60% BCA’s (hopefully)

30% – 40% PT sessions

10% – 30% classes like spinning / yoga, bootcamp, etc

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what the real job of a personal trainer is on board.

Are you ready to become a cruise ship personal trainer [checklist]

A lot of people pursue the idyllic lifestyle of a cruise ship personal trainer. Because they see images of young attractive people making a difference in people’s lives and travelling the world for free.
I hope these are your ambitions, because they could come true. But cruise ship life is a lot harder than people realize.
It is not a holiday and every single person is essential to the operation of the ship, especially in the spa and gym where money has to be made.

So I’ve put up a checklist / questionnaire to think if you are really ready to become a cruise ship personal trainer.

  • Are you able to live and sleep below decks in a shared cabin of roughly 8 square meter?
    Working on a cruiseship means an average of 65 to 75 hours a week working, can you handle that
  • Although most jobs onboard do not have days off, as Personal Trainer you get 1.5 days off a week, is that enough for you?
  • As a personal trainer 80% of your salary depends on how good you are in sales, not as a personal trainer, are you okay with that?
  • As a sales person, sometimes you will be in situations that are on the boundries of what is ethically okay, will you be okay with that?
  • Are you able to come up with a story / sales pitch to sell products that you might not believe in, or convince yourself of the usefulness of that product?

I hope you can answer all these questions with yes, because if you are not.. You are going to have a difficult time.

We have a wonderful Facebook page where you can ask any question you are not sure about, or just reply in the comments below. Hope this post helps you decide.

How to get through a Steiner interview, an overview and do’s / dont’s

10517181_10203421336233103_1142276812_nThis is how I experienced my Interview with Steiner.

I came to the interview with the mentality of nothing to lose and everything to gain, quite literally seeing and experiencing the world. I was working full time, as a Personal Trainer out of an Anytime Fitness Club. I rescheduled all my Friday sessions for the day prior on Thursday so this meant I had a full on work day prior to the interview and also didn’t have any time to look up and do a little bit of research on the company of Steiner also it didn’t really help I was feeling a bit run down. Let me rephrase that I didn’t prioritize my time well enough to prepare at all for this Interview.

I arrived to the Interview with less than 5 hours of sleep, honestly I nearly didn’t attend this Interview as I couldn’t have been bothered and would have much preferred a sleep in. So here I am rocking up to this Interview I walk in to notice everyone else is wearing formal/ business attire and here I am wearing shorts a sport top and runners, just a bit under dressed. I went and sat next to the only other person in the room who was also wearing the same attire as me. We cracked a couple wise jokes about how under dressed we were and he also had the same mentality as me going into this. From what I can remember we all filled out forms and paper work and sat an initial theory test it’s not really something you can study for, after we had finished that a 30 minute video Presentation was presented to us all about Steiner explaining the role and pay structure we could all ask open questions at that time.

The Presenter finished his Display he said now everyone is to do a quick 5 minute presentation from what I can remember it was from 8-10 topics etc. background and experience, why you want to work for Steiner, How Retail is Important. I can’t remember all the topics covered. Intentionally I was a little nervous about doing the Public Speaking however just remembered why I was there in the first place (Nothing to lose, everything to gain mentality and I was chilled). Whilst giving our Public Speaking Presentations our theory trade tests were being marked. After everyone had finished the Presenter came back to talk and said that there was positions available for everyone in this room, so it’s not like we were competing against each other, obviously this might be different at your interview.

We had a lunch break and everyone was told to switch into their sporting gear except obviously I didn’t because I was already in it. We all had to do a Trade Test now which involved running a group exercise class for 5 minutes. It turned into to a 55 minute exercise class it was actually pretty tough and by the end of I was fairly exhausted. The majority of the people had already pre planned exercise circuits around the entire room etc. burpees, pushups, squats and planks. I hadn’t prepared anything at all; I did a boot camp drill involving everyone. Starting at one side of the room all in a single file line doing lunges, army crawls, pushups, planks across the length of the room. After we had finished that we were all free to go once we submitted our documents etc. passport, qualifications. I stayed around and talked to the presenter afterwards for a couple of minutes and got very good feedback to my surprise, he obviously mentioned that I could have been dressed a bit better. I also got the Facebook of the people who were at the interview to see if they would go through with it all and so we could keep in touch.


Some Tips- the dos and do not.

Do prioritize time before the interview to do some research on the company Steiner (you’re here reading this and this blog so I would say this is plenty enough!). Do not do any at all because you’ll still be confused after the Interview.

Do get a good night’s rest 8 hours beforehand. Do not go on less than 5 hours sleep and rely on coffee to keep you going like I did.

Do wear business/ formal attire dress to impress, bring a bag to change into your sporting gear. Don’t just rock up wearing your sporting gear like me.

Do bring all your required documentation that you were told to bring on the day. Do not forget to bring a photo as the Recruiter see’s and has to deal with hundreds of people for this role.

Do a little bit of public speaking prior, do not get stage fright.

Do have your physical endurance and strength levels up to exercise at maximum a solid hour as they were also testing us on our physical conditioning.

Do prepare a group exercise drill with paper cards and bring extra equipment if you want. Do not just wing as it’s very hard to just think of something on the spot for 5 solid minutes like I did.

Do have the nothing to lose and everything to gain mentality from doing the interview give it your absolute best shot %100. Do not be afraid or nervous because chances are you’re probably not going to go through with it anyway. 😛

Statistics from my Interview

10% of people that actually went through and did the Contract in my Group from South Australia and just so happened to be the person who I was sitting next to wearing casual attire like myself and who had the same mentality as me. So I would say 1 in every 10 People go through with it all. Obviously depending on where you live and circumstances that will be different that is just what I noticed from my group and the Interview I did as everyone was accepted for this role in my interview.

Final word

I originally rejected the opportunity as I wasn’t ready for it, now over 6 months later I am now pursuing this role, I built a good rapport and connection with the presenter so instead of sitting for another Interview my application was instantly thrown back into the pool.





Prepare for the job interview with Steiner

Hopefully you have read most of the pages on this website, and now you have decided to apply for Steiner.

  1. Follow the instructions on http://cruiseship-personaltrainer.com/working-on-board/how-to-get-the-job
  2. Read through every page of the onespaworld website.

So you have applied and are invited for an interview. If you are the kind of lady / guy that want’s to prepare as much as they can and want to know how to be successful at the interview, keep on reading.

Just a side note: The interview might be different for each regions slightly. It depends on how many applicants there are, your region and the recruiter.

  • Paperwork – Basic information and personality questions. Questions about personal traits and fitness levels, etc.
  • Presentation about the company and working on ships. Most recruiters now a days are quite honest about what you can expect. If they do not mention sales (or detox as fitness) ask about it and how important it is. (It is a major part of your job!)
  • According to some applicants it might almost seem that the recruiters are trying to scare you off. This is good in my opinion because it will most likely be a realistic picture. If you have researched Steiner online and have read the information on this blog you will know that there are good and bad stories. (more on this in Horror stories about Steiner / working on cruiseships) Just make sure you make up your own mind and discuss the opportunity with friends and family.
  • Public speaking test. Do not underestimate public speaking. As with sales and as a PT is a major part of your job (other job functions it is of less importance, but still likely). You will have to give a short presentation about your self (standing) and your experiences.
  • There is a small break in the middle.
  • Depending on the amount of applicants there is “round 2”, and some people who do not make it will be send home after the break.
  • If the information you received stated that you had to bring workout clothes you will likely have to do some training in front of the group (also depending on amount of applicants. I did not have to do this 2 years ago during selection in Belgium). You have to think of a workout for the group with no materials and execute it on the spot. Duration about 5 to 10 min.
  • After this the interviews are over and you can go home and have to wait 7 to 14 days for the results.

When you got through the interview, please read here, how to prepare for Steiner Training academy.

If you had an interview, which was different than this one, please post it in the comments below and will update this version ASAP 🙂

You applied for Steiner, how do you prepare?

Made your decision and applied for Steiner? Here are my top 10 tips to prepare:

  1. Know what life is going to be. Make sure you read up on Steiner and what your job will be. If you don’t think about the word “sales” somewhere, you might want to revisit this section and read some more on this website. Think about work hours, living conditions and work conditions. Know what you are getting yourself into. Shiplife is not a 9 to 5 job..
  2. Learn the products, this will make your life on board a lot easier. In the starter pack you will be given, will be the products relevant to your function.
  3. Improve your skills, in your profession and in sales. This will help you a lot with making a nice income on board.
  4. Don’t worry about where you are going, because you will not know untill 24 hours before you will leave for your ship. So packing wise.. Pack a little of everything, but don’t worry to much about it. In every port you can buy clothes and stuff you forget.
  5. Steiner Training is to prepare you for though living conditions on board, that’s why they try to make your training even harder. Be mentally prepared for this. Food, Sleep and Learning wise or the most difficult parts usually.
  6. At training, use the groups that are already there. Talk to them and get their advise. The 3 or 4 week head start they have means a lot in knowledge and use this as much as you can.
  7. Arrive at least a day before your start date at London so you can relax, meet some friends at the YMCA and settle in in a relaxed way (also try to get to bed early before your starting day).
  8. If it gets though (which it will), talk to your friends at YMCA (don’t worry, friends for life come easy in difficult times) and your family at home.
  9. Try to unwind a bit in the evening, learning is good, but it might be too much sometimes. Surround yourself with people that can help you study, but also relax once in a while.
  10. Just know that not many people will have this amazing opportunity. When you manae to survive training ship life can be amazing and one of your most precious life experiences (as it is to me). So try to enjoy every moment of it, and know that some of your friends will be living their ordinary life somewhere, whilst you are exploring the world living life to it’s fullest!

I hope this will help you at Training. If you are going for training within the next month or 2, let me know how you are doing!

Bonus tips for Personal Trainers:

  1. Study up on sales, really.
  2. Practice public speaking. Might be even more important than sales.. Big focus on this during the training, so come prepared.
  3. Practice Yoga and pilates if you are a guy (or a lady with flexibility issues). Other classes you might want to brush up on are; Bootcamp, and Spinning.  If you have never given any of these classes before, I recommend joining them for at least 5 sessions.
  4. If you are a non-native English speaker and you receive a full starter pack with the seminars written out, start memorizing them A.S.A.P.
  5. Don’t worry too much about your PT skills, you can become rich without every working with a client (unlikely but possible), so if your skills are just okay, you’ll be fine. Focus on the other ones.


Always here for advise.