Massage therapist on celebrity eclipse and Equinox (Rating: 10)

Hi, I am Lauren. I am from australia and I wanted to share my ship / Steiner experience with you.

Worked as, on: Massage therapist on celebrity eclipse and Equinox

Work experience for Steiner: To work for Steiner is absolutely amazing. I am not going to say it is easy, it will be one of the hardest things you have to do in your life. But I can say you get so much out of what you put into your contracts. If you go in with a negative attitude you will probably have a terrible experience, look past that and every challenge you are faced with will make you a stronger person, learn from them and your career after Steiner will be a walk in the park.
Total experience (1 – 10):
How is/was the cruiseline and ship you are working for:
Celebrity ships are just mind blowing, they are so luxurious honestly if you are lucky enough to be chosen to work on one it will just be the experience of a lifetime. I was extremely lucky on my first contract and was given the newest ship in the fleet so you end up being spoilt with having the luxury of everything being brand new. Some ships are lets just say very outdated.
Steiner has now been replaced with canyon ranch so unfortunately if you are Steiner you will not be placed on a celebrity ship.
Least favorite things about working on ships / in the spa:
the most difficult and annoying thing about working in the spa is not having enough products to sell and not having the correct products to use in treatments. You obviously want to do your best and perform amazing treatments but unfortunately what they tell you at training is no where near the truth as to what really happens in the spa.
You have to be creative and always improvise, don’t worry it will become like second nature to you onboard in no time.
Also do not go onboard and think because you are a massage therapist or a beauty therapist that is what you will be doing, oh no you are a spa girl and that means you will do whatever treatment is needed to be done. I had never done a facial in my life and my first day onbard was all specials with a massage and mini facial, don’t complain just do it it actually will work in your favour when you realise you have a lot more you can sell.
Best things about shiplife:
The moment I walked onto the ship was the most daunting yet exciting time of my life. It’s huge and you think you will never find your way around alone, but do not worry you will never have to be alone everyone onbard is just like your family and this is evident from the moment you walk on.
Where else can you sit down in crew bar and have a drink with 65 different nationalities? It is the most exciting thing having all these new people around and there will never be a dull moment plus you get to travel the world with this amazing crew. That is the best thing about ships the people
Would you recommend it and why:
If you are a hard worker, strong minded, up for a few challenges, social and love to travel then absolutely go for it
Would you do it again:
in a heart beat
Tips for newbies:
learn your products they are so important, and if you absolutely are against selling then do not apply that is your job. Don’t think of selling as a negative I always picked something that the guest would not write down as an issue for them on their form. Obviously if they know what is an issue they will have mountains of products for this issue, and would never want anything more. So help them out with something they didn’t know they had it makes you feel great for helping and it makes them feel like your not pushing products on them 🙂
Tips for colleagues:
whenever your having a bad day just think about everyone on land stuck in traffic and having to be up 2 hours before they actually start work. You will always miss home but 2 weeks after being home you cannot wait to get back on the ship, remember how lucky you are to have this opportunity and push away all the negative thoughts that creep in
Additional information or story:
The moment i was told I was leaving the academy tomorrow was the most frightening time of my life, yes I was excited but I was so scared to be leaving all the great friends I had just made, I was so happy to be leaving the academy don’t get me wrong it is terrible there you feel like you are In prison. You literally are pushed to your limits and beound there, you are made to feel useless and what you have learnt In your studies means nothing. They push you and for good reason, they are making you tough for the ship life so just stick with it it will all be over and when you arrive on your ship it is a completely different world from what they tell you at the academy (in a great way)
I was taken in the taxi to the port and just remember seeing all these huge ships lined up in port I remember seeing the big white cross on the biggest ship there and hoping and praying that was mine ! Yessssss it is my ship how awesome is that I thought.
I was taken on and within 2 mins of stepping foot onboard it is chaos embarkation day is maheim people running around everywhere getting things ready for the guests it’s actually crazy. Everyone is looking at you because you are new it’s scary but so cool at the same time.
You are greeted by a spa member shown your room made to get ready and then bang you start your shift if your lucky someone would have set up your treatment room for you but if not you have to get this sorted and quick because guest are booked in and you are treating them straight away.
As soon as I walked into the spa all the girls came over and were so welcoming they are all so excited to see a new face you will feel at home straight away.
Once your first day is over you feel so relieved you would have met a heap of people and have no idea what their names are but they will collect you and take you down to crew bar and that’s when you will feel at home. You meet so many amazing people onboard and everyone from officers to the cleaners are down there relaxing letting go of the day.
Work hard play hard you will be doing this for the next 9 months.
Spa staff are really lucky as you get a lot of privileges like using the gym and sauna, socialising with guest in guest areas, eating at the resteraunts not every staff member has this so consider yourself lucky.
To finish off I had the best time of my life on ships, I talk about it nearly everyday to whoever wants to listen. I made so many friends for life from all over the world who I still see and keep in contact with. I saw a lot of the world and got paid big just make sure you go out and get your guests in to see you don’t just wait around for them to come!
Enjoy your days off don’t just go and sit in an Internet cafe get out and do the waterfalls and scuba dive and whatever else that port can throw at you.
Most of all just have fun and stay positive
Remember there’s nothing finer than a Steiner 🙂

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  1. Hey – thanks so much for positive information.

    I really was deterred from applying because of two main issues – quality of food and natural daylight.

    As a fitness instructor I take care of myself especially what I eat. I specialise in weightlifting and usually eat 7 small meals per day.

    I read so many horror stories about workers food and was deeply worried about quality of food

    Please confirm, fitness professionals get to eat proper quality restaurant food for free and regularly?
    Eg three times (at least) per day and food that are high in protein and vitamin C eg. fresh fish, chicken, nuts and lots of fruit and veg.

    Teaching classes uses lots of calories so us fitties need the fuel perhaps more so than other crew staff…

    In some documentaries all I saw was cheap staples like rice and pasta being served. I couldn’t possibly live on this crap. Would eat out my soul.

    Also, do the rooms have fridges to store food eg proteins?

    Light –
    I understand the cabins have no windows. If staff are then teaching classes in a gym or studio without windows and working all the time at what point do they actually see lots of natural daylight?

    I hope someone can answer this.

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