Opinions of other people who worked on cruiseships for Steiner

Read 4 different reviews of fitness instructors from all over the world, and a collection of links with hundreds of opinions on how it is to work on cruiseships!

[accordion title=”Reviews”] Opinion’s from fitnessinstructors all over the world. Click on a name below to read the review. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Review of Marcus – German fitnssinstructor – 2012″] Steiner in a few words: never again!
Short explanation why…first they tell you how much money you will make. I agree, someone can earn quite a bit, but you have to lie your ass off. BCA? Everything that machine tells you is about body composition like fat and muscle mass. But has nothing to do about water retention in cells. So you have to lie to people, right?! Thats what they tought us mostly…
In fact you have to give your best and beyond, you have to sell yourself to steiner (if you like to bullshit other people its fine), and everything you must do for free. I enjoyed the travelling, but I really had a hard time not spending too much money.
You can share my experience with everyone who is plying with his mind of working for steiner.
I am in frankfurt for nearly a year now. Working as a fitnessmanager and PT. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Review of Jason – Fitnessinstructor form Ireland – 2012″]My p

are as follows, great for travel, make new friends, see some amazing things, get a break from the worries of every day real life, party, sex, wine and dining.
My c

on’s are as follows, extreme pressure to meet crazy targets, crap pay for work, treated poorly by managers who do not care if you eat or sleep so long as you hit your target,too much micromanaging, the fear of head office coming on board because team target was not met.poor food standards oh the food is so bad. living quarters could have been better. 20 staff members forced to stay in the spa on a port day when not one has a booking while all passenger and our manager live it up on the beach or sleep in there cabin. But if you dont care about a lot of that then go do it.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Review of Denise – Massage and beauty therapist from The Netherlands – 2010″] After being back from my crazy, amazing roller-coaster time on the cruise ship!

I’m Denise, massage and beauty therapist 20 years old and from the Netherlands. I started my adventure to work for Steiner just when I finished school for 1 week. When I finished school I wanted to work and travel at the same time, and ship life is the best combination because while I was working I traveled through different countries and had a taste of different cultures.

Going to London for the Academy was a strange experience. I’ve learned that in London they will give you the hardest times you can have on ships. So when you are ready to go they know for sure you’re ready and strong enough to handle ship life. It’s very important to have knowledge of all the elemis products. I would definitely recommend you to study all the products at home, because you will have less stress when you’re in the academy.

Don’t worry about feeling lonely and not knowing what is going to happen, all the Steiner’s start there and everyone feels the same. You will make nice friends! At the academy you will be very busy studying and passing exams. After 2 weeks If you past the exams you become an Elemis therapist. During these two weeks, be professional because with all the steps you take there are eyes on you. From day one the teachers will check what type of person you are and what cruise line and ship will need you. As beauty therapist it’s normal to stay 4-6 weeks in London. When I got my ship it was terrible. In my 3trd week they called my name at 4pm telling I’m starting my contract the next day in Miami. It was crazy, I still needed to pack, arrange some things and say goodbye to my friends. I was the first person from my class leaving, so it was sad.

Saying goodbye was not easy. Again I’m alone not knowing what I have to expect and in a plane to the other side of the world. Beside your flight you have to arrange everything yourself. You get package full information to sort things out. At first I thought how am I going to manage this, but one thing is for sure I felt independed and I could rule the world! My first day at the Coral ship from Princess Cruise line. I never saw a ship in my life and now it was my home.

When I came on board the assistant spa manager was waiting for me to show me my room and the spa. I got a quick tour where my life is going to be the next 9 months and after 2 hours getting use to my room I start my work day. I was overwhelmed with all the information and experience.

But it was nice, I had a nice roommate from South-Africa and we had a lot of fun. Ship life is hard working, but that one day off makes everything worth it. We only have a day off when the ship is in port, see days are the busiest days so you don’t get off. I’ve seen Miami, Aruba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama , 3 places in Mexico and L.A. It was amazing! I didn’t have problems with working 80 hours a week and it’s very important that you sell a lot of products. If you’re not good in retail you will have some difficult moments, because you need to receive your target. I had some hard times, because I came just for the experience. But a lot of girls are there to make money for their family and that brought some tension in my team. I have to say I loved my team, they were my family and as we go through stress we would have a lot of fun as well. We came true everything and made the best off it.

It’s crazy how I could work 80 hours, drink nearly every night and only sleep for 3-6 hours every day. But on the ship I didn’t need a lot of sleep. It was even such a great experience that I didn’t bother saving money, I spend every cent just to have the best time. And yes there were moments I was home sick, but there are so nice people who know how to cheer you up and you can always call or Skype your family! Although Steiner is a real formal company, they are also flexible in supporting good performing employees. I got very sick and was hospitalized for 5 days.

After 5 months contract they had to send me home. It was no problem at all and I’m always welcome to start a new contract. After 4 years I still miss the ships every day and my rollercoaster life. Just know that it makes you a strong person, you can handle a lot. It’s good on your resume that you worked on cruises, the best working experience and you get friends all over the world! Make the best off it and enjoy every moment. [/accordion]

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Reviews on other websites (not checked)

There is loads of talk about working for Steiner on cruiseships as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. The list below will give you a large amount of opinions of different people. Before you believe everything which is written though, take a few things in to account.

  • People that did not finish training because it was “to hard” tend to blame it on Steiner, or other people (they were to hard, had to wake up early, too much to learn, etc)
  • People that did not finish their contract also tend to complain a lot about what other people (steiner, the cruise line, or even the guests) did to them;’the guests did not buy, the products were bad,  Steiner pushed them, etc.
  • People tend to exaggerate to get attention, or try to solve personal “trauma’s” by complaining.

With this in mind, I invite you to read up as much about your possible future job and see for your self if this is something for you. Make up your own mind, chase your dreams, but be real about your expectations. If you want to check something you’ve read on a forum, please feel free to leave a comment below, so I can confirm or deny it.

So, the forums with reviews of  Steiner Personal Trainers

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