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Shiplife is a subject that You can write a book about. Im still trying to figure out where is my place on earth after my first contract. It finished 31 of August 2013.

Ok so here we go! Few word’s about me and ship. My name is Damian and Im all the way from Poland. You all know that stuff guys. Introducing Yourself every day dozen time’s over and over with a big smile is a big part of Your duties. My current age is 26.
I did my last/first contract for P&O cruiseline on MV Azura as a masseur. Big ship 1200 crew, 3000 passenger’s, 19 deck’s. 95% of my guest’s were Brit’s. Azura traveled with me around the Europe so Norwey, Medditerenian sea,Canary island’s and few moth’s around Caribbean port’s.Those are basic’s info that most people are curious.

Moving on to my personal experience. It was hard to get that job in my profession. What i know Steiner is hireing around 1 male massage out of ten. Obviously rest of that are female therapist’s. The reason is simple. Not every cruiseline is accepting male massage so Your not allowed to work for Royal, Celebrity or Princess. I dont know how it is with the rest. American cruislines are afraid of cases with sexual harrasement. So how and why did I get that job?

I worked in sales before and it’s a big yes for them and few year’s ago I’ve been cooperating in Thailand with a local gym for fighter’s doing sport massages. So basic sales skills and international experience were on my side. What’s funny in my past every time when i didn’t have a proper job( means in my profession ) I’ve been working with my dad doing carpet’s installation. Also on the ships. Just for few week’s from time to time but thank’s to that I knew how it is to live in a cabin.
From the day i applied for Steiner to the day I join London training seven month’s passed. So at least for me it was a long way.To be honest with You guys I applied for that just few week’s after my previous relationship was over… I love traveling to different country’s but during relationship i promised to myself that I will try to settle down in my home town.
After everything fall apart i realized how much Im missing world. Last year was the fastest in my life and whole experience is so intense.
First day of my work= sea sick ! Hell Yeaaaa. I vomit on my white trousers with a strawberries right after morning meeting. Worst day of my life ever. When Your sick You wanna die. Simple…just die. Imagine worst hangover You ever had and… it’s still far away from seasicknes. At least for me. After first 3 day’s was fine till end of my contract. Now with compensation You can’t earn less than 1000$ per moth so its good for fresh stuff joining SPA. For my first 14 day’s cruise my salary was 59 pound’s…sad but true. 40 pounds in tip’s and 19 in commision. Begining was hard. Later when You will figure out what is what it’s much easier. Second cruise = around 600 pounds so can be done. My favourite thing’s in that job are for sure travelling and people You work with. Money can be random from 1000$ to 4000$ on Alaska cruises with American passengers. And again thousand is not the same for a person from Philipines and for a person from Sweden. So personaly for me money is not the strongest point of that job BUT you can make them if You will follow Steiner
policy about getting quest’s and retailing. Not everyone like’s it so You will see girl’s crying after nice chat with a manager or someone from head office.Yes yes yes there is a huge preassure to retail, rebook and send a quest to one of Your mate’s in the SPA. Ive seen people quitting crying and also people adapting with a speed of light and performing great.

Average salay for me propably around 1200 $ per month. For a good retailing facialist on my ship more than 2000$ And guys yes there is a difference betwen passenger’s. TIP’S ! Brit’s don’t tip to often American’s do tip all the time. That’s why depending on the ship You are on money can be really random. Ok money = decent, People fantastic and traveling amazing. Dont be affraid if You will see only Europe on Your itinerary. Europe is outstanding if You give her chance 🙂 And If You stay with a company it’s just a matter of time before You will go to other place’s.Thin’g i dont like in that job are pressure for retail, toxic people (everywhere You can find them, there is always someone You would like to kill) and You just need to learn how to live and work with them. Sometimes it can be Your cabinmate and imagine You two guys will have to spend 5 month’s together. Adapt and keep Your mind strong and open. Key point for me how to be friendly with people=
Dont gossip. Ship is a closed space and people love gossip’s. You will hear few that include’s You for sure. But my advice is to be strong inside and dont give reasons for another. Manager is also a random factor. Can be cool and fair can be dumb and unfair. And that is affecting You in straight line as You have to follow that person order’s. I had 5 different on my contract so i know what im talking about.
At the end I wolud like to say that overall im recommending that work. Even if not for money than for experience. You will develop few new skills for sure and improve. Trust me on the beginning there was a wall before me when someone order me to talk with quest. At the end I was the one who was teaching new stuff how to interact in Touch Point’s with passenger’s. Apart from that guys You will learn a lot about Youselfs. That is priceless. In feb Im gonna start second contract and I cant wait. Coming back home was…strange.Seriously Your not the same person and there is less friends waiting for You. Maintaining contact with friends and familly is HARD! when You have Your time off You have to choose between going on the beach and running to the wifi spot. Internet and phones on the ship are expensive.

PS: One more thing. Relationship’s… not on board but back at home. Dont go on the ship when You have someone waiting for You and You guys love each other. Sad but true i know sooo many people cheating there wifes and husbands. And You have no right to judge them because You will need someone closer than a friend on the ship. when the light’s go off and Your in Your cabin You will feel lonely as fuck. So on the ship there is a lot of different couples and it’s normal. I wouldn’t try that job being in a good relationship back at home. Very risky 🙂 If Your not go for it.

Sorry, English is not my first language, please excuse any mistakes

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  1. Witaj widze ze jestes z Polski! Jesli bedziesz mial chwile odezwij sie prosze bo mam bardzo duzo pytan, mam rozmowe o prace na statkach i nie wiem czego sie spodziewac.

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