Personal Trainer, Royal Caribbean, Advebnture of the Seas (Rating: 5)

Hi, I am
Leo. I am from Argentina and I wanted to share my ship / Steiner experience with you.

Worked as, on: Personal Trainer, Royal Caribbean, Advebnture of the Seas
Work experience for Steiner:
It was a good when It comes to the experience and growing as a person and profesional, but I found it hard to fit in a team that was all the time killing each other for money, and I met people that really didnt care about health at all, who were willing and able to do what ever It takes for a little bit of money. Summing up, I didnt feel confortable working with Steiner, I complaint about this with my superiors, and the solution They gave Me was going to other ship. I went to Carnival CruiseLines where the enviroment was a lot much better, but I was earning even less money than in Royal, since They dont have tips or gratuity, like They call Them. So at the end I just quit the job, after being there for only 3 month.
Total experience (1 – 10):
How is/was the cruiseline and ship you are working for:
They were both ok. I would come back to Royal but not to Steiner.
Least favorite things about working on ships / in the spa:
Too much time on board, in the gym, even if Its not busy. Not well paid really.
Best things about shiplife:
Ports and time off. You can save money.
Would you recommend it and why:
I would because Its a unique experience that allows you to meet a lot of people and places.
Would you do it again:
Tips for newbies:

Tips for colleagues:
If you are a personal trainer dont expect to make money, go only for the experience, enjoy and take it easy. Remeber why you are there and worl as a team at all time.
Additional information or story:

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