Are you ready to become a cruise ship personal trainer [checklist]

A lot of people pursue the idyllic lifestyle of a cruise ship personal trainer. Because they see images of young attractive people making a difference in people’s lives and travelling the world for free.
I hope these are your ambitions, because they could come true. But cruise ship life is a lot harder than people realize.
It is not a holiday and every single person is essential to the operation of the ship, especially in the spa and gym where money has to be made.

So I’ve put up a checklist / questionnaire to think if you are really ready to become a cruise ship personal trainer.

  • Are you able to live and sleep below decks in a shared cabin of roughly 8 square meter?
    Working on a cruiseship means an average of 65 to 75 hours a week working, can you handle that
  • Although most jobs onboard do not have days off, as Personal Trainer you get 1.5 days off a week, is that enough for you?
  • As a personal trainer 80% of your salary depends on how good you are in sales, not as a personal trainer, are you okay with that?
  • As a sales person, sometimes you will be in situations that are on the boundries of what is ethically okay, will you be okay with that?
  • Are you able to come up with a story / sales pitch to sell products that you might not believe in, or convince yourself of the usefulness of that product?

I hope you can answer all these questions with yes, because if you are not.. You are going to have a difficult time.

We have a wonderful Facebook page where you can ask any question you are not sure about, or just reply in the comments below. Hope this post helps you decide.

3 thoughts on “Are you ready to become a cruise ship personal trainer [checklist]”

  1. hey daan

    i want to ask what age limit is on the ship for a personal trainer? a guy at 30, is considered to old? thanks

  2. Daan, are there any specific personal training certifications one needs to have before applying for Steiner? I know you have to obviously be certified in personal training and have some experience, but is there any particular certifications that they require from certain organizations? For instance would a personal training certification through ACSM or NASM work? Thanks!

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