Prepare for the job interview with Steiner

Hopefully you have read most of the pages on this website, and now you have decided to apply for Steiner.

  1. Follow the instructions on
  2. Read through every page of the onespaworld website.

So you have applied and are invited for an interview. If you are the kind of lady / guy that want’s to prepare as much as they can and want to know how to be successful at the interview, keep on reading.

Just a side note: The interview might be different for each regions slightly. It depends on how many applicants there are, your region and the recruiter.

  • Paperwork – Basic information and personality questions. Questions about personal traits and fitness levels, etc.
  • Presentation about the company and working on ships. Most recruiters now a days are quite honest about what you can expect. If they do not mention sales (or detox as fitness) ask about it and how important it is. (It is a major part of your job!)
  • According to some applicants it might almost seem that the recruiters are trying to scare you off. This is good in my opinion because it will most likely be a realistic picture. If you have researched Steiner online and have read the information on this blog you will know that there are good and bad stories. (more on this in Horror stories about Steiner / working on cruiseships) Just make sure you make up your own mind and discuss the opportunity with friends and family.
  • Public speaking test. Do not underestimate public speaking. As with sales and as a PT is a major part of your job (other job functions it is of less importance, but still likely). You will have to give a short presentation about your self (standing) and your experiences.
  • There is a small break in the middle.
  • Depending on the amount of applicants there is “round 2”, and some people who do not make it will be send home after the break.
  • If the information you received stated that you had to bring workout clothes you will likely have to do some training in front of the group (also depending on amount of applicants. I did not have to do this 2 years ago during selection in Belgium). You have to think of a workout for the group with no materials and execute it on the spot. Duration about 5 to 10 min.
  • After this the interviews are over and you can go home and have to wait 7 to 14 days for the results.

When you got through the interview, please read here, how to prepare for Steiner Training academy.

If you had an interview, which was different than this one, please post it in the comments below and will update this version ASAP 🙂

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