What does a Personal Trainer Really do on board?

For the first time ever! A true explaination of what it means to be a personal trainer on cruiseships.

I wanted to call this post; how to be the best personal trainer on cruise ships, but unfortunatly, that either wouldn’t be true or not helpful. Because what most people do not realize is that if you work on cruiseships, you are not a personal trainer. You are a sales person.

Let me explain. 80% of a Personal Trainer’s salary comes from selling products. A PT makes 9% over all services in commision. So with a average price of $80USD and 5 to 10 sessions a week, a personal Trainer who only does PT sessions makes no money. This is where the detox comes in.

Elemis Detox

The image above displays the 4 bottles of the Elemis 3 month internal detox. Cal-Metab Capsules, Deep Drainage CapsulesSilhouette Capsules and Elemis Vitality Capsules.

Read more about detox sold on the ship via Google.

Selling 1 three month programe is roughly $300USD, that’s more interesting for PT’s. There are also 6, 9 and 12 month programs (9% over 1200USD, nice!).

And now, you might think, yeah, but these people spend there time doing Personal Training sessions. Well before every personal trainer starts there is a training academy that they need to pass. If you’ve read my blog you know what get’s taught at the academy… If you didn’t; at the academy they teach you how to do seminars. Seminars with titles;

  • – Detox for Health and Weightloss
  • – Burn Fat Fast
  • – Secrets to a flatter stomach
  • – Eat more to Weigh less
  • – How to increase your metabolism

In those seminars, cruise ship passengers get info about nutrition, exercise and most important detox. The Triangle. Everything the personal trainer tells you is aimed to get you into 1 of these seminars. Because they all end in the same thing.

A BCA. A Body Composition Analyses. This will tell you how much water you (as a future detoxer) retain. The intercellular level of water is the most important. Because this shows how much water is surrounding your cells that needs to be dissolved by detoxing.

The Personal Trainer will invite you to do your BCA for only (roughly) 30USD which will take 45 minutes and you will learn how long you need to detox / how much detox you need to buy.

Rough daily divide of time:

20% seminars

30% – 60% BCA’s (hopefully)

30% – 40% PT sessions

10% – 30% classes like spinning / yoga, bootcamp, etc

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what the real job of a personal trainer is on board.

3 thoughts on “What does a Personal Trainer Really do on board?”

  1. Sometimes its a bit intimidating for a PT to work on a cruise because they sometimes will probably have to lie and I hate to say this, and I feel that its much fair for the customer to tell them that the product alone does not do much but also tell them that combined with a diet and a good training program cam deliver great result, I think a PT can be succesful if he can in a friendly way help de customer decide and not force them to buy, what books on sales did you find usefull?

  2. One thing that is not mentioned here- goodfeet. Selling orthopedic inserts. There are seminars done about that as well.. depending on trainer and his preference- money made from inserts can vary from 30-70%
    And commission that trainer makes from services varies as well- actually that is not commission, but auto gratuity. I think (not completely sure) carnival has 15%, royal 18%, disney 21% (but lot of services like most of classes are free).
    So it actually pays off to become good at making services as well.. of course best trainers shine in all areas- lots of services, big amounts of detox and goodfeet..

  3. Hi. Do you have to be in perfect fitness condition to do trainings every day, I am trainer but not trained much in last 2-3 years?? Is it okay for person with 23 procents bodyfat to go for this job? Can he make it

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