You applied for Steiner, how do you prepare?

Made your decision and applied for Steiner? Here are my top 10 tips to prepare:

  1. Know what life is going to be. Make sure you read up on Steiner and what your job will be. If you don’t think about the word “sales” somewhere, you might want to revisit this section and read some more on this website. Think about work hours, living conditions and work conditions. Know what you are getting yourself into. Shiplife is not a 9 to 5 job..
  2. Learn the products, this will make your life on board a lot easier. In the starter pack you will be given, will be the products relevant to your function.
  3. Improve your skills, in your profession and in sales. This will help you a lot with making a nice income on board.
  4. Don’t worry about where you are going, because you will not know untill 24 hours before you will leave for your ship. So packing wise.. Pack a little of everything, but don’t worry to much about it. In every port you can buy clothes and stuff you forget.
  5. Steiner Training is to prepare you for though living conditions on board, that’s why they try to make your training even harder. Be mentally prepared for this. Food, Sleep and Learning wise or the most difficult parts usually.
  6. At training, use the groups that are already there. Talk to them and get their advise. The 3 or 4 week head start they have means a lot in knowledge and use this as much as you can.
  7. Arrive at least a day before your start date at London so you can relax, meet some friends at the YMCA and settle in in a relaxed way (also try to get to bed early before your starting day).
  8. If it gets though (which it will), talk to your friends at YMCA (don’t worry, friends for life come easy in difficult times) and your family at home.
  9. Try to unwind a bit in the evening, learning is good, but it might be too much sometimes. Surround yourself with people that can help you study, but also relax once in a while.
  10. Just know that not many people will have this amazing opportunity. When you manae to survive training ship life can be amazing and one of your most precious life experiences (as it is to me). So try to enjoy every moment of it, and know that some of your friends will be living their ordinary life somewhere, whilst you are exploring the world living life to it’s fullest!

I hope this will help you at Training. If you are going for training within the next month or 2, let me know how you are doing!

Bonus tips for Personal Trainers:

  1. Study up on sales, really.
  2. Practice public speaking. Might be even more important than sales.. Big focus on this during the training, so come prepared.
  3. Practice Yoga and pilates if you are a guy (or a lady with flexibility issues). Other classes you might want to brush up on are; Bootcamp, and Spinning.  If you have never given any of these classes before, I recommend joining them for at least 5 sessions.
  4. If you are a non-native English speaker and you receive a full starter pack with the seminars written out, start memorizing them A.S.A.P.
  5. Don’t worry too much about your PT skills, you can become rich without every working with a client (unlikely but possible), so if your skills are just okay, you’ll be fine. Focus on the other ones.


Always here for advise.



6 thoughts on “You applied for Steiner, how do you prepare?”

  1. Hi Daan,

    I have recently qualified as a personal trainer and throguh reading your blog i am interested in applying for steiner although i have currently no direct experience working as a personal trainer. I have recently graduated from university with a degree in sports science and have a lot of experience in particpating in sports along with a few volunteer placements. I also have a good bit of experience in customer service work through working in a contact centre for tax here in the UK. What are the chances of successfully gaining employment without any direct previous experience?

    1. Hey Alan, sorry for my late reply, am in Bali at the moment.
      I would recommend to get at least a half year of experience with PT works.

      With Steiner, it is mostly about sales. I had not much experience when I went to interview (4 years as fitness instructor, but nothing as PT), I got trough the interview but they told me that it was higly prefered if I would get some experience in the 4 months that I had left before my start date.

      If they badly need people they might still take you, unsure of the current situation, but I think you feel more comfortable with a bit more experience as PT..

  2. am a French tall black male model from Cameroon i am base in South Africa, am a qualified PT. i mastered more as elective subject Aerobic kick boxing, i wanna if Stein is also here in south Africa? and i wanna know how much it cost for the training?am happy teaching the group than individual, i am so sure i want to take this adventure, i also did women psychology. can it help in my ship life?

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