Skill improvement for cruise ship personal trainers. A How To Overview.

Okay, a couple things about what you want to focus on. Most important. Your selling, you will need to improve your sales skills. In order for you to be a better seller you need to believe in your own products. From my own experience, I can guarantee you, if you are in trouble with your sales and you are not sure if the detox works, or how it works, you will fail.

Sales is getting people to believe that what you are offering is more valuable than the money they have. So your goal is to get them to understand the value for them. Not in general, not for the average male. No; how will it help the person in front of you? Will it help to get them healthier so that they can spend more time with their kids, or will it help them lose weight so that they can regain their self worth and look in the mirror with confidence. It is your job to make them understand that detox will play a important role in that proces. Make them see the problem, and give them the solution!


Improve your sales and become a $10.000/month Personal Trainer.

How? Like this:

  1. Believe in your products. 
    1. Use the products. You will never sell something properly that you are not using your self, you are just a cheap ass liar.
    2. Know about the products. Know what is in each capsule, and what the ingredients do inside the body. Know more than the small sentence you have to learn at the products test at Steiner. You need to become an expert.
    3. It will help to make a list of online source that back your story up. You do not have to share it with your clients, but it will give you the confidence to say; go online and research it yourself (last resort).

    When you know your stuff perfectly it will give you the confidence to speak and go into discussion with anyone. I’ve convinced lawyers, judges and doctors about detox just by pointing them to the facts.

  2. Get to know your clients.
    1. Find out what their problem is, they always have a problem about why the come to see you. Find out what drives them. EVERY decision is based on pleasure, or avoiding pain. People will do crazy things (like buy 2x 12 month detox) programs because they think it will help they lose the weight they have struggled with for 10 years. They are afraid they will get sick, die, or not being able to play with their kids anymore. That will be the fear you have to find.
      1. You can take this “playing into their fears” very far, up to a point where it becomes unethical. Make sure you are comfortable what you are doing. I’ve heard seminar closes that I would never do, because I would not feel comfortable. Although they would work better than any amount of honest stories sometimes..
  3. Judge people.
    Make sure you judge a couple and find out who the one in charge is, that will save you a huge amount of time convincing the other. It is usually the woman that is in control. Also use the DISC training (if not given to you by Steiner, Google it. Learn and practice your judging skills everyday. It will give you way more leverage than any sales technique or sales close. If you’d like to take it one step further, read up on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  4. Practice sales closes.
    What you get taught at Steiner is only small percentage of what you can use to close a sale. There are many more. Check out the audio and book selection on this website.
  5. Keep on learning
    Never stop learning. Not only will it benefit your personal development, but it will give you the power and confidence to continue even when it is though. I set out the goal to read a book every month. So every 2 months I went to the book store to buy books on sales, or psychology. I still have them and used them a lot during my contract. Most inspiration can be found in the knowledge of other people who’ve done what you are doing. So check out the books and audio selection for Personal trainers.


Disclaimer 1: You do not need to manage all those things to sell, sometimes you will sell something by doing everything wrong, and even the best PT’s do not follow everything. Everyone has their own way, and you will find yours, but this should get you started.
Disclaimer 2: What I found is that the best sellers and convinced of their right, of their products and will do everything to help get people to realize that they need detox. They see it as doing the client a favor. You should have the same spirit.

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