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Nothing is mandatory, and your privacy is guarantied. Again, I do not have any affiliation with Steiner. Just want the information out there so that people can make a proper decision about what to do with their life. So it does not matter if your story is positive or negative, as long as it is your story!

You are free to make up your own story and tell what you want, these questions are just guidelines in case you need more inspiration.


Share your story

Share your working experience on a cruiseship with everyone else, to inform them about what shiplife really is.
  • Function on board / Cruiseline / Ship
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    1 being horrible, 10 being amazing.
  • If you want you can upload an image of your ship or you at work. You don't need be recognizable.
  • Will never be published, given away, used for any promotional actions or sold! It is just to send a email in case your story did not arrive properly.

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